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1995: Nominations For Best Supporting Actress For 法医故事
1996: Nominations For Best Supporting Actress For 逐浪青春
2004: Best Supporting Actress For 孩有明天II
2007: Star Awards 25th Anniversary, Evergreen Veterans


Li Yinzhu first started her acting career as a theatre actress and has over thirty years of experience. In 2004, she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Star Awards for her endearing role in Child’s Hope II. In 2005, she accepted the TOY Factory’s invitation for a theatrical role in Long House.

Ernest, optimistic and diligent, Yinzhu is much-loved by audiences and has endorsed financial planning and health products.

Be it the role of a benevolent matron or a shrewd mother-in-law, she invests a great deal of emotion into every character. Yinzhu is indeed a model example for younger artistes to look up to.

With Yin Zhu many year of contribution in acting and entertainment industry, she won the evergreen veterans awards in star awards 25th anniversary.

Yin Zhu Receive a breakthrough role of Zhi Dong Sao(Auntie Automatic) In Just In Singapore and Her Popularity and Fame Push Up By Alot.

Everyone love zhi dong sao and know who is she.




Eyes»Dark Brown
»Mandarin, Cantonese
Other Talents»Acting

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